Green Team Activity Resources

Official Green Team Patch

Here you will find supporting material for each of the Green Team booklet activities.  Just browse down to the booklet you are working on to see website links, hints, and suggestions for each activity.  Have fun, and thank you for taking actions that directly help nature and encourage sustainable living.

Green Team Official Booklet    Green Team Official Booklet

#1 – Create a Nature Journal  [How to make a nature journal]

How to make a journal from a paper bag: Paper Bag Nature Journal

#2 – Study insects  [Search for Fabulous Food Chains:CrashCourse kids #7.1]  [Search for naturalist outreach Aquatic Insects in Food Webs]

#3 – Plant a native species  [Native Plants Finder – National Wildlife Federation]   [Search for “ten ways to connect kids with native plants”]

#4 – Save electricity

#5 – Endangered animal  [Search for endangered animals for kids]

#6 – Save water

#7 – Build a bee condo

Download our favorite Bee Condo instructions here: Bee condos

#8 – Create recycled art

#9 – Make a leaf rubbing  [Search for www.makemegenius/plants leaf-lesson]