Green Team Activity – Helping Birds

Geese in pondAccording to numerous sources, millions of migrating birds are killed each year from human influences.  Here are the top five death traps in order of numbers killed:


  1. Windows
  2. High tension wires
  3. Habitat destruction
  4. Communication towers
  5. Wind turbines

Protecting birds from windowsThere is not much we can do about numbers 2, 4, and 5.

#1 – As Green Team members we can certainly protect our feathered friends from crashing into our windows by hanging heavy cords down in front of each window.  The picture shows parachute cording which works well and won’t block your view.  Window stickers may help some, but the cords work the best.


Plant a native plant for birds#3 – The best way to protect birds from loss of habitat, is to increase the bird habitat around your home.  Plant a native tree or shrub for nesting and berries.  Leave a brush pile in the corner of your yard.  Leave at least part of a dead tree standing for the bugs and woodpeckers.  Provide a bird bath.  Plant flowers that attract butterflies and moths so birds can feed some of the caterpillars to their young.

Cats kill millions of birdsAnd finally, if your family has or plans to have a pet cat, keep it as an indoor cat.  Outdoor cats kill millions of birds each year.  Indoor cats don’t have fleas and are great lap warmers.


Don’t forget about feeding your flock in the winter.  They can usually forage pretty well in the spring and summer months, but food is scarce in the winter.  Keep your bird feeder full.

For more information about attracting birds to your yard, check out the Bird Friendly Yard Program here: friendly yard certification


Official Green Team Booklet

The Official Green Team Booklet of activities that empower our youth to take actions that directly help nature and encourage sustainable living will be available early next year.

Official Green Team PatchKids who complete the activities will earn the Official Green Team patch as shown.  The 3″ patch can be sewn or ironed on.

Booklets and patches will be available online for $5 postpaid for both.  In addition, the booklets can be downloaded for free to be printed at home.

Stay tuned . . .