Earth Day Climate Action Event

Learn the causes of climate change and how it is affecting all of us today.  Presentation by Tom Krohn on how individuals can find their path forward during these uncertain times.

When: Tuesday, April 21, 2020 – 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Where: Arkansas State University, Mountain Home – Dryer Hall

Cost: Free

Display and discussion with local environmental groups and the Saving Nature Now – Green Team.  Check back for more information.

For Resources on Climate Change, CLICK HERE



Green Team logoThe Saving Nature Now Green Team Program creates and supplies activity booklets for children 8 years of age and older.  These activities directly help nature and encourage sustainable living.  Individual families, classrooms, home school families, libraries, nature centers, scouts and other children’s programs participate.  Get started!

“My 5th Grade students loved interacting with nature while completing the activities in the booklet. They especially loved our culminating project, Zoo Awareness Day! The booklet helped my students develop an appreciation for the natural world around them.” – Monica Flowers, Courtway Middle School, Conway, Arkansas


Frog and Toad calls can be a challenge.  You will be able to identify all the frogs and toads in Arkansas by their calls after spending some time on this site.  CLICK HERE for a Frog and Toad Pocket Guide.


There have been five mass extinctions on Earth in the last 500 million years.  We are currently experiencing the sixth mass extinction, and it is human-caused!  Learn about the causes of the current mass extinction and read examples of modern extinctions and near extinctions. You can be part of Saving Nature Now by learning about up-to-date activities that are helping to conserve biodiversity.


In addition to the three programs above, Saving Nature Now has presented “Frogs in Winter,” “Garden Frogs,” “Monarch Butterflies,” and “Birds, Bees and Butterflies – Creating a Nature Friendly Yard” programs.  Check out more about our presentations and schedule one for your group!